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Chronic renal failure (CRF), also known as chronic kidney disease (CKD), is among the leading causes of death among felines; and is considered a serious threat to dogs as well. Every day, untold thousands of household pets die because of this illness. It is a degenerative condition that often goes undetected until most of the damage has already been done. In most cases, as much as 70% or more of the kidney’s function will be lost before observable symptoms ever surface.

cat kidney disease When kidney disease manifests itself, at first, the signs are subtle. Perhaps your cat or dog has been drinking and urinating more often than usual. You may have noticed that his or her appetite isn’t what it used to be. Other red flags begin to emerge, such as lethargy, vomiting, and weight loss. Many of these symptoms are the result of dehydration and the accumulation of metabolic wastes. Additional problems may arise, such as anemia, urinary tract infections, calcium and potassium imbalances, and heart conditions to name a few. If left unchecked, these complications build, until a severe crisis develops; which will require immediate medical intervention. Needless to say, the challenges you face with your beloved companion are not to be taken lightly.

You will be SHOCKED by the dangers of some of the
most popular CRF-related drugs on the market.
Explore what our investigations have uncovered.

Be informed and know your options.

dog kidney disease It’s sad but often true that there exists many unscrupulous predators who profit from the desperation of those who dare to hope. Such individuals do not hesitate to offer “cures” and “secrets” that promise to save lives. This is no less true with feline and canine kidney disease. The Internet is littered with diuretic elixirs, toxic drugs, and bad advice that only serve to hasten the degenerative process. When faced with treatments that fail to deliver, most people begin to stop hoping.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on hope. Because deep down, no matter how bleak things look, you know that to do so means that you’d be giving up on the one who needs you most. The good news is that there are treatments that can make a significant difference to the health of your pet. For most of us, our cats and dogs are family; and as such, they deserve another chance at life. Therefore, we must do everything in our power to save our precious companions, for their very lives are in our hands.

However, while there is no shortage of excellent (and not-so-excellent) authors who have gone on to write of their findings, they can only contribute so much by themselves. No single individual has all the answers; therefore, a wise person must evaluate the data that is presented by several professionals; whose research methods and conclusions differ from each other. Only then, can an informed consumer make the most intelligent choice.

Our data has been compiled from hundreds of veterinarians,
naturopaths, and medical doctors from around the world.

Our team of researchers has scoured through volumes of scientific renal failure researchliterature from prestigious peer-reviewed journals, published from hundreds of active veterinary doctors and scientists from around the globe. In addition, we have also personally contacted several professionals whose own experience and conclusions have helped to shape this material. All of this information can be confirmed by the references at the end of every module; and can be used to conduct your own research.

It may also interest you to know that one of the greatest contributors to our team is a scientist whose credentials speak for themselves. Formerly the Chair of a local section of the American Chemical Society, currently serving on a university research institutional review board, Catherine Divingian (PhD) is a professor and researcher of a wide range of eclectic sciences and disciplines, including neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology, analytical chemistry, physiological psychology, mathematics, and biotechnology. She has conducted research in mammalian physiology and pharmacology, investigating chronic kidney disease; diabetic neuropathy; oral hypoglycemics; beta-blockers; cancer pharmocognosy; molecular biology; liver binding kinetics; pulmonary and cardiac metabolites; mechanisms of stroke; and the systemic effects of morphine, cocaine, and aspartame.

Together, the combined research and experience that has gone into the
kidney disease resources we provide is unmatched by ANY source.

kidney disease researchcanine renal failure

Most conventional specialists have the practice of treating parts, without ever giving consideration to the whole. They see only what’s in front of their eyes, without ever recognizing the indirect effect; or how one piece fits into a larger puzzle. Fortunately, more and more medical and veterinary practitioners are beginning to acknowledge the intrinsic value of the holistic approach. You see, the foundation of integrative medicine is the harmonious partnership between the evidence-based research of medical science with the healing power of alternative medicine, in a way that in safe, effective, and complete for addressing the complexities of renal failure.

The material and tools we offer is based on verifiable, evidence-based science. Whenever we discuss positive claims that are anecdotal (those that are unsubstantiated or testimony-based), we indicate so. In fact, we make it a point to cover as many treatment plans as possible; so that readers are aware of what’s safe and what isn’t; what works and what doesn’t; what’s proven and what is not. This way, one is able to get a complete picture of how to best approach the management of chronic kidney disease.

Learn of a commonly prescribed veterinary-approved treatment used to
manage CRF-related anemia that has a
25% chance of KILLING your pet

You may or may not be aware that many cats and dogs kidney disease specialisthave gone on to survive for months, and even years beyond their initial diagnosis of kidney disease. As you may know, the same can be said of humans who have the same condition. But in order to overcome this disease, you must have the right information. Otherwise, you risk shooting in the dark, hoping to hit an ever-changing target. While we would never claim to “cure” anything, we do promise to provide you access to key resources that offer information, tools, products, and integrative strategies that can significantly impact your pet’s health and longevity for the better.

Within the pages of this course contains
unique information you won’t find

anywhere else.


Find out what one doctor has done to reverse ALL of her cat’s kidney disease symptoms with the help of this ONE device—
with lab results to prove it.

cat kidney disease lab


  • Receive access to the best CRF resources
  • Get the best tips on assisted feeding
  • Eliminate UTIs—without antibiotics
  • Know when intravenous fluids should be given
  • Choose your pet food wisely

Did you know that most of the pet food that is on the market is actually
part of the reason
your cat or dog has chronic kidney disease?
Find out why.

Ask yourself These Questions...

  • How can I get my cat or dog to eat more?
  • What is the best food to give with kidney disease?
  • Why is my pet urinating in strange places?
  • What kind of water is best?
  • How often should my pet get lab tests?
  • Which nutritional supplements should I trust?
  • Should I give low-protein food if my pet is starving?
  • What kind of drug side effects am I not being told about?
  • Should CRF cats and dogs be given different treatments?
  • How can I prevent this from happening to my other pets?
  • Why does CRF cause anemia in pets and what can I do about it?
  • How much time does my companion have left?
  • Is euthanasia inevitable?
  • Where can I find the best information on kidney disease?



The Complete Guide to
Chronic Kidney Disease
in Dogs & Cats

Integrative Strategies to Outmaneuver
the CRF Threat

feline canine kidney disease course


What you will receive with
this e-course package:

  • 10 information-packed downloadable modules in PDF format that lay out everything you need to know about chronic kidney disease and the most effective ways to manage it, using the best of integrative medicine
  • Reader-friendly material from empathetic professionals who’ve been where you are today
  • Access to scientific references taken from peer-reviewed journals from around the world
  • Beautiful pictures and illustrations of the companion animals we all love
  • Access to the Feline-Canine Wellness Center, which offers additional information, services, and resources for your CRF pet
  • Unconditional 60-day 100% money-back guarantee for the e-course


Some of the potential benefits of this exclusive package:

  • Address the root causes behind the complications your pet faces
  • Boost energy and improve wellbeing
  • Eliminate urinary tract infections—without antibiotics
  • Reduce toxic build-up within your dog or cat
  • Determine the best pet food for maximum kidney health
  • Overcome anemia—without resorting to dangerous therapies
  • Know the best questions to ask your vet
  • Control nausea and vomiting
  • Utilize pain-free assisted feeding techniques
  • Recognize drug-free natural methods that are safe and effective for your CRF pet
  • Identify key nutrients targeted specifically for kidney health
  • Prevent—and even reverse—weight loss
  • Overcome diarrhea or constipation
  • Provide quality water for quality kidneys
  • Be aware of those natural remedies to avoid at all costs
  • Educate yourself on the dangers of commonly used kidney drugs
  • Read up on the latest technology for combating degenerative kidney disease
  • Become familiar with the related diseases associated with chronic renal failure
  • Reduce activities that are causing your pet’s kidneys to worsen
  • Discover tips on administering subcutaneous fluid therapy at home
  • Understand lab results quickly and easily
  • Maximize the power of your pet’s immune system

MODULE 1: Facing the Challenges of CRF

feline canine kidney disease courseThe first module deals with the emotional impact kidney disease has on the caretakers themselves. Very few people understand the fear, anxiety, and inner turmoil that you are going through. All too often, you must deal with thoughts that can wear on even the toughest of nerves. “How much time is left?”…“Is the suffering too much to bear?”…“Is there hope?”

Facing this disease takes courage, commitment, faith, and a lot of love. Even if one has access to the best treatment that money can buy, it will count for nothing if the heart is not engaged. But the very fact that you are reading these words shows just how important this is for you. This is why you must read this module.






MODULE 2: Understanding Chronic Renal Failure

feline canine kidney disease courseTo overcome the challenges of kidney disease, we must understand it. This module lays out everything you need to know about your pet’s illness and how it affects the physiological functioning on the kidneys.

In addition, you will learn of the surprising differences (and similarities) between cats and dogs, and the various ways we must treat them. Avoid one-size-fits-all umbrella treatments, and get the facts here.








MODULE 3: The Many Causes Behind Kidney Disease

feline canine kidney disease courseGenetics account for only a portion of the origins behind renal failure. Learn of the many seemingly unrelated diseases and complications that can lead to CRF.

In addition, you will be exposed to information that reveals dangers your pet may be facing this very moment—many of which are completely preventable. Just having this awareness can significantly enhance your treatment strategy. Incidentally, many of the same risks that affect your pet can also hurt your own health.







MODULE 4: Optimum Nutrition for Maximum Lifespan

feline canine kidney disease courseDo you really think your “all natural, premium brand” pet food is as healthy as the manufacturers claim? Think again. We expose the poisons that lurk in most commercialized pet foods and reveal the toxic byproducts that are contributing to your pet’s kidney degeneration (among other health complications). We also show you the dangers associated with the typical low-protein kidney diets many vets recommend. After you’ve read what to avoid, we point you in the right direction so that you feed only those foods that were meant to improve health.

How about water quality? Most people provide bowls of chemically treated tap water that quickly become stagnant and filthy. Guess what organ must constantly filter all that? The kidneys are biological filtration systems that can cleanse the body of only so much toxins. This means that the water we give our dogs and cats is another contributing factor to the CRF equation. Remember, the body is made of mostly water; and it is this lifeforce that perpetually flows through your pet’s circulatory system and kidneys. The wrong water accelerates the degenerative process; whereas the right water renews the kidneys with rejuvenating sustenance.



MODULE 5: Essential Keys to Veterinary Care

feline canine kidney disease courseNot all veterinarians are the same. Some of them know a lot about drugs and not a whole lot about health. Quite often these types are quick to patch up symptoms without addressing the root cause. Fortunately, there is a growing number of veterinary doctors who see the value in nutrition, supplementation, and holistic strategies. In fact, most of the science that supports this course was researched by veterinarians. In this module, you will learn what questions to ask so that you know when you’ve found the right professional for the job.

You will also learn how to read those extrememly important lab results (that often appear like another language). In simple, easy-to-read terms, you will learn exactly what is pertinant to your pet’s needs, and what material you can set aside.

Another key to managing CRF is the follow-up. It’s nearly impossible to know what’s going on inside your cat or dog’s body. This makes ongoing physical exams a must. This module will explain what your pet should be examined for and how often it needs to be done to ensure maximum protection from any physiological changes that can turn south.


MODULE 6: The Many Faces of Kidney Disease

feline canine kidney disease courseChronic renal failure is a condition that is associated with a variety of complications that require a multitude of treatments. Quite frankly, anyone who thinks they can simply offer a drug or a “remedy” and call it a day is in for a rude awakening. Kidney disease is actually several illnesses in one. Anything from anemia, urinary tract infections, and hyperphosphatemia, to diabetes, hyperparathyroidism, and uremic gastritis, can potentially become issues you may need to deal with. Their symptoms include nausea, weight loss, urinary difficulties, lethargy, diarrhea, dehydration, and seizures just to name a few.

This module not only educates you on what you need to know, but will also enable you to quickly connect the underlying causes with the surface symptoms. This knowledge will serve you well in formulating an effective treatment plan.





MODULE 7: Treatment Options for CRF-Related Complications

feline canine kidney disease courseThis module outlines treatments for the complications most common to chronic kidney disease; including everything you need to know about the best and worst therapies and remedies—and everything in-between.

The first section entitled, “Effective Treatments that Work”, reveals all of the most well-researched treatments that have produced effective and measurable outcomes. This is the information you’ve been searching for! Combined with a nutrient-dense diet, filtered water, and lots of love, these treatments should give you the very best results.

“Treatments that Come with a Price” will obviously contain everything you do not want to do for your pet. You may feel that it’s unneccessary to read this section; however, we recommend that you do. Why? Because you may be surprised to learn that some of the most popular natural remedies are actually very damaging to the kidneys. Many nutrients that improve our health may actually be dangerous for your CRF pet. Garlic, onions, grapes, cranberries, and aloe are examples; as are corn, wheat, and certain meats (that are high in purines). Even extra vitamin C may sometimes be contraindicated in certain dogs and cats diagnosed with kidney disease, due to the increased risk of acidity. The toxic effects of commonly prescribed veterinary drugs are even more shocking.

Most veterinary specialists only discuss treatments they believe in. This module on the otherhand, offers information on all the main medical modalities. This way, you have the opportunity to make comparisons between them. It will also give you the ability to intelligently discuss—or debate—your intentions with your vet.




MODULE 8: Advanced Care for CRF Pets

feline canine kidney disease courseSometimes, diet, supplementation, and physical therapy are not enough. This is especially true with those cases where kidney failure has reached advanced levels of degeneration or for those pets that have suffered a toxic “crisis”; in which an accumulation of metabolic wastes combine with extreme dehydration to cause debilitating symptoms. Another instance where advanced care become necessary is when an animal reaches an anorexic condition that has led to starvation.

In this section, we discuss the need for fluid therapies and assisted feeding. While such a prospect may seem daunting to most, in reality, most of the procedures are simple to teach and perform. In many cases these methods are temporary. In others, such treatments may be required for the long haul.






MODULE 9: Medical Interventions and Life-Changing Decisions

feline canine kidney disease courseThere are some procedures that if taken, will irrevocably alter the course of your pet’s life; sometimes for the better, other times for the worse. Examples include blood transfusions, dialysis treatments, and kidney transplants.

Before you even consider these costly treatments, you should weigh the risks and benefits that accompany them. In some cases, patients have had fantastic results; while others have had to face new challenges that they did not have in the past.







MODULE 10: Promising Research and Emerging Technologies

feline canine kidney disease courseThere are regenerative technologies that are making their way into the field of kidney disease therapy. Most of these resources are still in the works, while a few are already producing compelling results. In fact, with the aid of nutritional and chiropractic care, one device has helped a doctor to completely reverse her cat’s renal disease—with lab results to prove it!






cat renal failure

  • Learn the latest scientific research on feline-canine kidney disease
  • Discover safe, all-natural alternatives to drugs
  • Know the best questions to ask your veterinarian


dog renal failureLearn about the clinical trial that revealed the ONE nutrient that has actually gotten human kidney patients OFF of dialysis machines—which has also been shown to help cats and dogs.




Get the FACTS on the most commonly used treatment for
CRF-related urinary tract infections that has actually been
clinically documented to significantly damage the kidneys.



Compiled from hundreds of veterinary and medical researchers from around the world, this data is supported by decades of research, as well as the
latest findings in biotechnology and regenerative medicine.

canine kidney diseaseCRF bloodfeline canine kidney disease research


This multi-module e-course contains information that offers holistic, all-natural methods that have been carefully evaluated by the strictest scientific scrutiny,
spanning countless hours of meticulous investigation.



feline canine kidney disease course




cat with kidney diseasedog with kidney disease


Q: My veterinarian said that the drugs that are offered for my CRF pet are safe and that the information found in courses like yours aren’t medically proven. Is that true?

A: The material offered in our course offers only factual information, which is backed by veterinary testimony and decades of scientific research from peer-reviewed journals. Whenever we discuss treatments that are unproven, we clearly indicate so. This is what makes our course unique. The statement, “courses like yours”, has no merit.

As far as drug safety is concerned, although we acknowledge that some conditions and emergencies may warrant their use, it cannot be ignored that it has been statistically proven that iatrogenic (medically caused) fatalities are among the greatest causes of death. It should also be noted that there are many veterinarians who support our data. In fact, most of our information was uncovered by veterinary research.

Q: There are other holistic CRF sites available on the Internet. How is the information in your course any different?

A: Although the material found on other sites may offer helpful information, what makes our CRF course different from most is the fact that our data has been meticulously scrutinized, is supported by decades of scientific research, and is backed by holistic veterinarians who support our findings. But most importantly, we never make any assumptions on the information we provide. We have found that most holistic sites offer advice that may cause more damage than good. A lot of folks assume that as long as something is natural, it is safe. Although this thinking is often true, there are certain all-natural substances that can actually be dangerous or even fatal.

A prime example is the many dangerous herbal kidney tonics that are suggested by many holistic practitioners. What some people don’t realize is that many of these herbal remedies contain diuretic properties, which may cause some CRF pets more harm than good. Another example is garlic. Although this nutrient offers a wide range of benefits, because of its potential to contribute to the dangerous condition of anemia (which is so often associated with chronic kidney disease), it is contraindicated for CRF pets. Unfortunately, the preceding examples are only a fraction of the damaging misinformation littered all over the Internet.

Ironically, we have found a common correlation between the research methods of those in the mainstream medical community with those who seek alternative treatments. With religious fervor, many of these individuals will habitually focus their attention only on data that supports their biased views. More often than not, their assumptions become their conclusions. As a result, they often shut their minds down to any information which may challenge their beliefs. If there are enough people who claim that a certain nutrient (or drug) does this or that, the tendency for most people is to conclude that the information is valid. This is not science (neither is handing someone toxic medication without exploring other options).

We prefer to take an unbiased approach, and avoid assumptions, no matter how obvious the answer may be. Whenever we uncover new data, we research both sides of the arguments and come to logical conclusions based on evidence-based data. Our cup of knowledge is never full.

Q: Are you veterinarians?

A: No. We are a team of research scientists who consult and collaborate with veterinarians in the field of kidney disease and its related conditions. Although we specialize in kidney research, we are not vet-trained; and therefore recommend veterinary council whenever possible.

Q: Do you offer personal consultations?

A: No. We are not licensed veterinarians, and are therefore unable to legally offer personal consultations. Please refer to our disclaimer.

Q: Dogs and cats are physiologically different from each other and should not be given umbrella treatments. Does your material address such differences?

A: Yes. Although some treatments apply to both dogs and cats, other treatments do not. Throughout the course (and our website), we ensure that such differences are discussed.

Q: Do you offer the course in other languages?

A: Not yet. At present, we offer this course exclusively in the English language. In time, the material will be available in multiple languages. We recommend that you periodically visit our website, The Feline-Canine Wellness Center ( for updates.

Q: Is your course available in bookstores?

A: Currently, our course, The Complete Guide to Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs & Cats: Integrative Strategies to Outmaneuver the CRF Threat is only available online in e-book format. However, plans are underway for a published version.

Q: You have good information on your website. Why get the CRF course?

A: Although the material found on our website is very useful, the comprehensive information found in our CRF course is much more in depth and also includes scientific studies, holistic remedies, and results-specific treatments that are often obscured by mainstream protocols. In addition to the hundreds of hours we have devoted to our own research, the material contained in this course is supported by volumes of scientific data and veterinary medicine from literally hundreds of professional researchers from around the globe. Simply put, there isn’t any other CRF material like it.

Q: There are plenty of CRF sites that offer information for free. Why do you charge for your course?

A: A large percentage of the sales go towards ongoing research and supplement formulation. To win the war against kidney disease, we must bridge the gap between medical science and holistic treatment. While other CRF sites are solely informational in nature, our biotechnology company is devoted to ongoing research and development of treatments, products, and resources aimed at uncovering the safest and most effective solutions for cats and dogs afflicted with this condition.

Pet CRF research is in its infancy. One of the biggest reasons for this is lack of funding. There is no silver bullet for the kidney disease problem. Finding a solution requires a multi-faceted approach to research that necessitates the need for financial support. With your help, together we can make a difference in the battle against CRF. In addition, every sale contributes a portion of the proceeds to the ASPCA. Not only does this comprehensive guide contain information that can’t be found anywhere else, but every person who purchases this course will know that their contributions will make a difference for the companions we all love.

How Much is This
Course Worth?

Module 1: Facing the Challenges of CRF
Valued at $14.95

Module 2: Understanding Chronic Renal Failure
Valued at $14.95

Module 3: The Many Causes Behind Kidney Disease
Valued at $14.95

Module 4: Optimum Nutrition for Maximum Lifespan
Valued at $14.95

Module 5: Essential Keys to Veterinary Care
Valued at $14.95

Module 6: The Many Faces of Kidney Disease
Valued at $14.95

Module 7: Treatment Options for CRF-Related Complications
Valued at $14.95

Module 8: Advanced Care for CRF Pets
Valued at $14.95

Module 9: Medical Interventions and Life-Changing Decisions
Valued at $14.95

Module 10: Promising Research and Emerging Technologies
Valued at $14.95

Together, all 10 modules are worth $149.50.

Compared to hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars spent at veterinary visits, that price is extremely fair. When compared to the value you place with your petís health, itís priceless.

After allÖcan you really place a price tag on your companionís life? Fortunately, we want to make this course available to as many people as possible. So, weíve decided to offer this package for less than a quarter its retail value.



You can have this comprehensive
course and bonus e-book
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In addition, we have included what could be considered one of the most important keys to improving the health of the kidneys.



BONUS BOOK: Secrets to Supercharging Your Pet's Immunity

feline canine kidney disease course

One of the most important keys to protecting your CRF pet is often among the most overlooked; and thatís the immune system. Many of the strategies within this course will automatically improve immunity. But to battle the multifaceted nature of kidney disease requires a multifaceted approach to immunological defense.

Within your bonus book are several strategies that can enhance all of the treatments we recommend in the main course. Combined, they make an unbeatable ally in your quest to circumvent the CRF threat.

To battle chronic renal failure, you MUST be able to boost your petís immune system. This book explains how. Valued at $19.95, we have included this indispensible guide with the course, yours FREE.





feline canine kidney disease course

The Complete Guide to
Chronic Kidney Disease
in Dogs & Cats

Integrative Strategies to
Outmaneuver the CRF Threat

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Please don’t delay. For the cost of a pair of shoes or a meal for two, right now, you can have within your possession the single greatest source of information on feline-canine chronic kidney disease anywhere.

Realize that chronic renal failure is a disease that waits for no one. Time is of the essence. Don’t delay. Within your reach is material that will point you in the right direction. It has taken us countless hours of research and thousands of dollars of trial and error to come up with the information we now present to you for $25 .

A few weeks from now, you may forget the financial donation you have invested in this course. But if you don’t take action now…you risk finding yourself one day looking back…and regretting the $25 you did not give.

This course is the only one of its kind.
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The Staff of The Feline-Canine Wellness Center

cat dog kidney disease

“Life is life—whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage.”

- Sri Aurobindo

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